Shawnese Cosmetics

We are a Vegan, Certified Organic, All-natural, Gluten-free, Cruelty-free Cosmetics line that's made in the USA. Our products are nutrient-rich, nourishing and safe for all! We believe in providing the best products with the purest ingredients! Our naturally preserved formula is infused with antioxidant-rich botanical extracts, essential oils and rich pigments. Our lip products deliver lasting hydration, soothe and heal dry lips as well as improve elasticity. All ingredients are listed under the product description!

(My Story...My Why)

Like most little girls, I’m sure, I watched my Mom, as she would say, “play in makeup”, with such admiration. She would choose the perfect lipstick to go with the eye shadow of the day, line her eyes, define her brows, and use her mascara to turn her lashes into the perfect length to bat them ever so charmingly. My love for makeup started by watching my already beautiful mother, up the ante just a bit with her beauty enhancement routine.
I always wanted to “play in makeup” with her, but was too young, until I turned 14 the summer before going to high school, my birthday present was a “young adult makeover”. She took me to the mall and asked the lady behind the counter what would be the best makeup for someone my age, “a newbie”. We were directed to the counter and my romance with makeup began.
My mother had always been my best friend and biggest support system, we were a team! So when she decided to become an Independent Mary Kay Consultant, I was her first business partner. We shared a passion for makeup, rocked out at the Mary Kay events, and did life together. Unfortunately, cancer took my best friend, business and life partner away. It took me a very long time to pick up the pieces and move forward, but I know that’s what she wanted me to do.

Fast forward to now, I am the owner of my own All- Natural, Vegan, Gluten-free, Cruelty-free Cosmetics line, Shawnese Cosmetics. Makeup has always been something that connected me to my mother and with this business, my hope is to make her proud and continue her legacy. I was taught that makeup was to enhance, not cover up. I would like to share my products with all of you to enhance what already makes you beautiful. We never have to cover up...we were born beautiful, naturally!