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Fall Collection Body Butter

Fall Collection Body Butter

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Shea Butter, Kokum Butter, Apricot Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Fragrance Oil, Pigment Powder 

Amber Romance:

Fragrance: Warm amber blended with black cherry, vanilla and sandalwood.

Cocoa Butter Cashmere:

Fragrance: Notes of light spices, cedarwood, vanilla tonka, coconut, jasmine, olive woods, sandalwood, amber, musk, and cocoa butter.

Marshmallow Caramel Swirl:

Fragrance: freshly churned ice cream begins with notes of coconut, lemon, and warm gooey marshmallows. Then, at the heart of this scent, notes of caramel ice cream, finishing with notes of fluffy whipped cream and nuances of soft cocoa butter.

Top Notes: Coconut, Lemon, Melted Marshmallows
Middle Notes: Caramel Sauce, Condensed Milk Accord
Base Notes: Cocoa Swirl, Vanilla Whipped Cream

Pumpkin Pie: 

Fragrance: sweet cream pumpkin, nuances of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and ginger with buttery vanilla notes.

Salted Caramel:

Fragrance:A combination of cherry, maple, spicy notes with a sandalwood vanilla base.

Vanilla Apple Cinnamon:

Fragrance: Coconut, lemon, lime, apple, cinnamon, and clove. It also has base notes of ylang ylang, sugar, and creamy vanilla. 


Please note that butters melt when in a heated environment. We do everything in our power to ensure that you receive your products in the form it was intended. We do this by lining the box in thermal lining as well as placing an icepack/icepacks in the box. We take these precautions, however, we do not have any control over the temperatures throughout the transit process.

Once you receive your product, to maintain the integrity of the product, please store it in an area away from direct sunlight and in cooler temperatures. It does not need to be refrigerated, just maintained at room temperature. 

If it melts, you can refrigerate it, the melting will not affect the quality of the whipped butter as a great moisturizer, but the whipped consistency will change. It will become more like a body balm.

Whipping adds tiny air bubbles (just like whipping cream) that increase the size, lightens the density and changes the texture, making the butter light and fluffy. If a whipped product melts, the air bubbles are collapsed, so the volume is decreased. So although the jar was filled to the top, if the butter melts, there will be less volume in the container.  The container may actually look half full.  

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